I'm very disappointed .
Sunday | 07:53 | 0 comment(s)

I'm stupid ! I'm being lied by someone I love . I'm very disappointed . You disappointed me . Hm . I don't know who should I believe . ''You and Sufian'' or ''Your ex and the gang'' . Haih . I'm sad . You know what ? I've been waiting for you for so long but the ending is like this ? Nah , it's okay . You're just my crush so I shouldn't judge you , bother it and care too much because I'm the one who will get hurt . It's enough . You make me cry always. You're not the reason I smile now but you're the reason I cry. Hm , If you're in my place now , you'll know how I always get hurt . If I know your ex still love you earlier , I won't waste my time to wait for you . I don't know why but I thought you're my right choice . I don't care what people say . I know I'm not for you and you're not for me . So I hope after this you won't contact me anymore so that I can forget you as soon as possible. But maybe it takes a long time to forget you . You make me smile sometimes , you make me cry sometimes , you make me disappointed sometimes but I still love you . Dear you , takecare of yourself and your ex. I hope that both of you will live happily together . Sorry . Bye . Takecare . I love you . I miss you .